The department collaborates with other universities of Ukraine such as:
•National University “Lviv Polytechnica” (Engineering and Pedagogic Training Department),
•Ternopil State Technical University (Department of Psychology in Industrial Sphere),
•Bila Tserkva State Agricultural University (Pedagogic and Psychology Department),
•Humanitarian Institute of National Aviation University (Psychological Department),
•Rovno State Humanitarian University (Basic Psychology Department and Psychodiagnosis).

The department support scientific relations with leading establishments of the Academy of Pedagogic Science of Ukraine:
•Kostuk Institute of Psychology (Laboratory of Methodology and Theory of Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Cognitive Psychology New Information Technologies in Education);
•Institute of Higher Education (Department of Theory and Methodology of Nature and Engineering Education).
•Also maintained working relations with the Ukrainian Association of organizational psychology and the psychology of work, and the Kyiv Art Therapy Association.

Department parthners with international scientific cooperation are:
•Kaunas University of Technology (Department of Humanities);
•Wroclaw University of Technology (Department of Humanities and Social Sciences).