The Department of Psychology and Education was created in 1998 founder of the department is candidate of psychological sciences, professor Vynoslavska Elena.

Department joined the Department of Sociology in 2006, but it should be noted that the Department has the origins of the philosophy department.

Thus, in 1989 on the department of philosophy at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute was established psychology section of three teachers. While working at the department: Associate Vynoslavska Elena – Head of Section, Associate Karamushka Lyudmila, assistant Melashchenko Elena Marativna. These teachers, who stood at the origins of the department, and to this day is productive work. O. Vynoslavska is the founder of our department, candidate of psychological sciences, and now professor of the department (2015). L. Karamushka – doctor of psychological sciences, professor, corresponding member of National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine. O.  Melashchenko – PhD, associate professor.

In 1992 psychology section was transferred from the Department of Philosophy at the Department of Management of the newly established Faculty of Management and Marketing (FMM). The reason was the inclusion of restructuring the curricula of training specialists in economics cycle of psychological disciplines. Further liberalization of education at the university, opening of new faculties and specialties have increased the teaching load of psycho-pedagogical subjects almost tenfold. Therefore, Jan. 6, 1998 was created Department of Psychology and Pedagogy. Given the close scientific relations department with the Faculty of Sociology, in 2006 the department of psychology and pedagogy were transferred to the Department of Sociology (now the Department of Sociology and Law). So, we can assume that the department returned to his Alma mater.

History teaching of psycho-pedagogical disciplines in “KPI” began in the 70’s. 20. The faculty training for teachers (descriptive geometry) around the Soviet Union were taught “Basics of Pedagogics”. Since 1978, this course taught Tamara Vahanivna Devterova, Candidate ofPedagogical Science (1980), associate professor (1985). At that time it was formed two streams teachers (descriptive geometry and engineering disciplines) who increased their skills and pedagogy in the plane of higher education.