The department implemented budget research topic № 0115U007213 “Theory and practice of psychological and pedagogical support of development of human-centric competence of future specialists in conditions of Technical University”. Within this theme by the department, postgraduate students carried out research in the following areas:

The main directions of scientific research are the following:
◊ Integration of information and pedagogic technologies in higher education sphere;
◊ Forming of psychological culture and professional ethics of technical university teachers;
◊ Psychological conditions of student identification development: social, professional and gender;
◊ Psychological determinants of business communication optimization;
◊ Problems of industrial, organization and economical psychology.

R&D record card

There is an editing activity at the department. Thus, to 5-year (2004) and 10-year (2007) anniversary the collected scientific articles “The Psychological Resource of Higher Education” were published.